Your Web site often is the first place and time your target audience/prospective clients learn about you. We believe your Web site should always present you in the best possible light, and therefore, be impeccable. We can make sure your first impression is an exceptional one by offering the following services:

  • Web sites:  New Site Launches and Revamps/Revisions
    • Development of New Sites (WordPress, WIX, Weebly)
    • Using Your Content Management Systems (CMS) to Make Revisions and Additions to Client Web sites (WordPress, Hubspot, WIX, Weebly, Other CMS)
    • Taking YouThrough RFP Process to Select Web site Developer (When Complex Sites Are Required)
    • Review of Site and Recommendations for Improving User Experience
    • Blog or Other Web site Content Writing

View our portfolio of client Web site launches and revamps.


Web Site Launches:  Employment of a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) to launch new Web sites for both large and small organizations, including a commercial real estate company, a large health insurer, a market research supplier, and

Web Site Content Development and Revision :  Composed web site content for several healthcare organizations, a commercial real estate firm, and a community bank Web site.  Employed a variety of CMS’ to launch new and edit existing content. Wrote bi-weekly blog posts for a national food company.

Marketing Campaign “Landing Page” and Vanity URL Development and Execution:  Oversaw execution of landing pages for marketing campaigns, i.e., pages to which a unique marketing/memorable URL pointed to ensure prospective customers would immediately arrive at the type of information and tools they would seeking.

*Note:  These examples represent only a small portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communications and Research staff have been involved.


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