As stated on our digital marketing/SEO company’s clients page, while we have experience and enjoy working with clients of all sizes, industries, and profit statuses (we’re “quick studies” and quick to learn the nuances, challenges and opportunities of any industry), we have deeper experience in certain industries due to past corporate marketing roles or consulting engagements.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Education:
    • Preschool/Daycare Centers: We’ve worked with local preschools/daycare centers on a variety of digital marketing activities, including building or planning for new websites, and using Google Analytics to analyze website visitor activity to inform current or future websites
    • Secondary Education: We helped an organization that places international high school students with host families in the U.S. with online advertising to recruit host families
    • Adult Education: We developed a multi-state, integrated marketing plan that outlined tactics, by market area, for a nonprofit organization offering training to women wanting to launch or grow their own business
    • Higher Education: Our Principal also understands the challenges of colleges and universities, from having founded and participating in a consortium of local colleges during her tenure at Berklee College of Music
  • Nonprofits:
    • We’ve helped numerous nonprofits — via both paid and pro bono roles  — with developing and executing digital marketing strategies and tactics to both create/increase awareness and support fundraising & development activities
    • One of our specialties is helping nonprofits apply for, optimize, and maintain a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant
  • Healthcare:
    • Health Insurance/Health Plans/Medicaid/Healthcare Providers: Our Principal spent most of her corporate marketing career in marketing management roles at health insurance plans, two of which served the Medicaid population, i.e., individuals qualifying for state-funded healthcare coverage programs. Recent or current digital marketing consulting clients include a hospital, an eating disorder treatment center, and an organization that aids individuals with specific digestive issues. Our Principal also serves as the volunteer social media director for Our Heart Speaks, an organization that helps individuals with chronic and sudden illness heal through the reading and sharing of inspirational international patient stories
    • Employee Benefits: Because of past health plan/insurer employment, our Principal has significant experience working with employee benefits brokers. For almost three years, we’ve assisted a very successful Boston-area employee benefits broker with digital marketing activities
    • Medical Device: We helped a medical device consultant set up a Google Analytics account and reported on Google Analytics data findings to inform marketing activities. We are currently assisting a smart health technology medical device company with SEO, i.e., ensuring they appear in the top of search engine results for terms relevant to their organization and products.
  • Financial Services:
    • Investments/Financial Planning: Our Principal brings significant financial services experience from past employment at a large, well-respected investment firm and as the marketing director at a bank offering investment services. We currently advise a local financial planning firm on both traditional & digital marketing strategy and execute various tactics
    • Banking: We offered a second opinion and recommendations to a large community bank regarding their online advertising
  • Consumer Goods:
    • Food:  For more than two years, we served as the outsourced digital marketing manager for a local food company whose products are sold in 90% of grocery stores nation-wide. We wrote their blog posts, developed and executed online advertising campaigns, served as their social media voice, and made revisions to their Hubspot website. We’ve also executed PR activities to support the launch of a new brand/product line. And, we’re currently managing and optimizing a strong-results-generating display advertising campaign for an organization that both puts on food truck festivals nationwide and offers food truck catering for corporate events.
  • Real Estate – Commercial & Residential:
    • Our Principal grew up in a real estate family. Her father, O.V. Snow ran a commercial real estate business, O.V. Resources, which is now run by Our Principal’s brother, O.V. Snow, Jr. We launched O.V. Resources’ initial website, plus created a sales brochure. We’ve also recently run online advertising campaigns for the business and made SEO recommendations. And, we’ve worked with two residential real estate clients regarding their social media presence. In one case, we developed and executed a social media strategy and served as the residential real estate agent’s social media voice; in the other case, we conducted an “audit” of a residential real estate firm’s social media presence and made recommendations for optimizing it, as well as shared ideas for improving SEO.
  • Law Firms/Legal Industry:
    • Much of the work we’ve done, and continue to do for law firms/legal industry marketing clients pertains to being found on Google! Therefore, developing a strategy and implementing tactics to support legal firms ranking well in search engines both organically, and via paid search advertising. Most lawyers and attorneys operate in a very crowded marketplace. We help their websites and Google My Business profiles appear at the top of relevant search results through a variety of paid and organic SEO tactics.This image shows a piece of paper with a lot of typed content on it with a pen lying on top of the paper. The image is supposed to depict a legal contract and represent the fact that our digital marketing agency serves law firms.
  • Consulting and Entrepreneurs:
    • We’re the consultant’s marketing consultant — no-one understands the challenges of growing a consulting firm or being an entrepreneur better than a fellow consulting firm and entrepreneur! We’ve helped and continue to help consultants and entrepreneurs create awareness of and generate leads and sales for their consultancy services or product offerings via a variety of digital marketing work, including organic SEO strategy, Google Analytics data review & recommendations, online advertising, social media strategy & voice.

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