What Is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” Search engine optimization is the collection of tactics and practices an organization puts in place to ensure that their website ranks high in search engine results, particularly Google results, for terms that their target audiences frequently “search on” to identify someone who offers the products, services, and solutions to problems, that the organization offers.

SEO Experts and SEO Optimists

While our firm offers a number of digital marketing services, we’ve developed a very positive reputation in the Greater Boston area, and beyond, for being able to help organizations improve where/how they rank in Google for desirable, relevant search terms, known as keywords. Our Boston SEO company works with both organizations, and website developers who develop sites for organizations, to ensure both brand new sites/sites under development, and existing sites, rank well in “search.”

We love referring to ourselves as SEO Optimists. While we can’t, and won’t, guarantee you’ll rank #1 in your defined geography for a particular search term/keyword relevant to the products, services, or solutions you offer, we’re optimistic that we can and will help improve where you rank in Google and other search engine results listings.

Our shop is Yoast-SEO-certified, plus we educate ourselves on an almost-daily basis on leading organic, technical and paid search SEO tactics (these latter tactics are also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and the most common tactic used is Google Ads). That means we understand SEO best practices and can improve both paid (online advertising) and organic search results — the two components of any good SEO strategy.

This is an image with a powder blue background labeled "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics. Stacked, It Shows "Unpaid Tactics: Organic, Technical," a plus sign like the one used in math equations, "Paid Tactics: Google Ads or Other Paid Search Advertising (Also Known As SEM)). It contains at the bottom the words "We Can Help You With Both" and Is Followed By The Logo Of Our Digital Marketing Agency, Results Communications and Research. The image supports the discussion of the organic SEO and paid SEO services our Boston SEO company offers.

How We Share Our Organic SEO and Paid SEO Expertise

We share our search engine optimization expertise with clients, prospective clients, and the general business community via:

  • Training our clients’ staff/team on organic SEO tactics and best practices to implement on an ongoing, continuous basis.
  • Offering an extensive, ongoing list of SEO blog posts, such as the following, via our digital marketing blog.

Our Organic SEO Services

Our Boston SEO Company offers:

  • One-Time/One-Off/Project-Related Organic SEO Services

  • Ongoing Organic SEO Services (Monthly SEO Services)

  • One-Time/One-Off SEO Audit Services

One-Time/One-Off/Project-Related Organic SEO Services Include The Following:

(Note our Boston SEO Company can be engaged for the below work/SEO services related to an existing site or a site that is in the process of being built, including one for a brand new business)

  • Maximizing your local search presence by setting up or auditing & optimizing your Google My Business profile/Google Search & Maps listing (see example below) and making sure you appear in what’s known as the Google Local Pack,” whenever relevant. Pricing: $150.
  • Conducting very detailed keyword research for each of the products, solutions, and services (and services within services, if appropriate) for which you want to be found on Google, and therefore, wish to rank higher for in a particular geography. Listen to the webinar we facilitated for Southeastern SCORE on the many benefits of keyword research or view the slide deck. Deliverable includes a document detailing your keyword research, plus a Zoom call to discuss implications of keyword research and next steps in using research as part of organic SEO tactics. Pricing: $150 for each distinct bucket of keyword research we conduct for you; in general, each distinct product or service an organization offers requires it’s own bucket of keyword research. 
  • Ensuring both existing and planned blog posts, website pages, and photos/images are tagged properly to improve search engine indexing for the terms most relevant to the products, services, and solutions your organization offers. This includes writing/constructing behind-the-scenes/meta tags (page and post title tags and alternative tags (alt-tags) for images), and if we have access to your website content management system loading them to your site, or passing the tags to your website developer for loading. Pricing: $150 for 10 website pages or posts.
  • Helping you figure out where on your website and blog to “pepper”/authentically include high-volume search terms (identified through above keyword research). Pricing: $375
  • Auditing the content on your main website pages (pages accessed by main navigation menu on site) to ensure your site is viewed by Google as being authentic, and that content uses language that is understood by all of your target audiences, not just one, as explained in this blog post. Pricing: $225
  • Post implementation of any revisions or additions to website content and tags, submitting your site to Google for indexing/crawling or re-indexing/re-crawling via Google Search Console (if your organization doesn’t have a Google Search Console Account set up, we will set one up for you; we can also set up a Google Analytics Account for you and link it to your Google Search Console Account). Pricing: $75 to set up one of the aforementioned types of Google accounts; $125 to set up both of the aforementioned types of accounts.

Image of What Google My Business Profile Looks Like

Ongoing Organic SEO Services (Monthly SEO Services) Include The Following

(Note that our team of SEO Experts Is Usually Engaged For The Below Work Only After Completing The Above One-Time/One-Off Initial Work)

  • Creation and sharing of a monthly SEO audit report, and facilitation of a Zoom discussion with you to go over results.
  • Writing one or two monthly blog posts, for your review, that incorporate high-volume keywords and address topics that are helpful to your various target audiences; upon your approval, post the blog posts to your website with appropriate free stock images or branded images we create for you.
  • Writing and implementing post and image tags on your site to support your website pages and blog posts being found by your target audiences.
  • Submitting your blog posts for indexing, using your Google Search Console account.
  • If desired, sharing links to your new blog posts on the various social media platforms on which your organization has a presence to drive traffic to your website — which ultimately influences SEO too, since Google is more likely to serve up sites for relevant terms that have high traffic volume (high traffic volume is an indicator to Google that the site is credible.)

One-Time SEO Audit Services

  • In addition to creating, sharing, and discussing SEO audit reports with our monthly, ongoing SEO clients, we also offer one-time SEO audit services to organizations who simply want to know if, and how, their site is ranking in Google for desirable search terms. Because many individuals make the SEO audit mistake explained in our blog post, they don’t have a true sense of how their organization ranks in Google and erroneously believe their site ranks well in Google when it really doesn’t. Of course, that leads to them missing out on lots of possible “organic search” traffic if people are actively searching to identify someone who offers the products, services, and solutions to problems the organization offers. Learn more about our Boston SEO Company’s audit service. Note that we can also be engaged to conduct quarterly SEO audits for your firm.

Paid SEO/SEM/Google Ads Services

As mentioned above, our Boston SEO Company also offers paid search/search engine marketing services, which basically are services to design, execute, monitor, tweak, analyze, and report on Google Ads campaigns that cause an ad for your organization to appear at the top or bottom of a Google search results page for relevant keywords/search terms. Such advertising particularly makes sense if your organization is in a situation where numerous competitors are running paid ads.

Many of our clients engage us to simultaneously oversee their organic search and paid search efforts.

A Google Ads specialty of ours — one that gives us great pleasure — is helping nonprofits obtain a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant and/or to optimize its use.

Learn more about our Google Ads work here.

The above list of organic and paid SEO services is NOT all-inclusive and we’d love to talk to you about other ways we might help your organization be found on Google.

Contact Our Team Of SEO Experts

To schedule a no-obligation, complimentary discussion of your organization’s SEO opportunities and challenges, and how to get found on Google, e-mail us today at gail.moraski@allintheresults.com, use our calendar app to choose a convenient day or time to chat, or complete our contact form, to set up a no-obligation, complimentary SEO discussion.