We love referring to ourselves as SEO Optimists. While we can’t and won’t guarantee you’ll rank #1 for a particular search term (known as a keyword) relevant to the products or services you offer, we’re optimistic that we can and will help improve where you rank in Google and other search engine results listings for high-volume keywords on which your target audience(s) are searching to identify an organization offering the types of products and services you do or offering the solution you provide for a problem.

In sum, we help our clients be found on Google and teach them how to be found on Google on an ongoing, continuous basis through what’s known as “technical tactics” such as those described in the following posts:

If you visit our blog, you’ll see we’ve authored many other related posts in recent years and months that include easy, simple, and clear steps and tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Our shop is Yoast-SEO-certified, plus we educate ourselves on an almost-daily basis on leading organic/technical and paid search SEO tactics. That means we understand SEO best practices and can improve both paid (online advertising) and organic search results — the two components of any good SEO strategy

Our SEO services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Maximizing your local search presence by setting up or auditing & optimizing your Google My Business profile (see example on right hand side of below image) and making sure you appear in what’s known as the Google Local Pack” whenever relevant.
  • Ensuring new blog posts, Web site pages, and photos/images are tagged properly to improve search engine indexing for the terms most relevant to the products and services your organization offers.
  • Reviewing your site to ensure existing blog posts, Web site pages, and photos/images are tagged appropriately and follow SEO best practices.
  • Conducting very detailed keyword research for each of the products and services (and services within services, if appropriate) for which you want to be found on Google, and therefore, wish to rank higher for in a particular geography. Listen to the webinar we facilitated for  Southeastern SCORE on the many benefits of keyword research or view the slide deck.
  • Helping you figure out where on your website and blog to “pepper”/authentically include high-volume search terms (identified through above keyword research).
  • Reviewing page descriptions and other site meta tags (behind-the-scenes tags) used by your organization’s competitors or organizations you’d like to emulate for possible incorporation on your site.
  • Auditing your website content to ensure your site is viewed by Google as being authentic, and that content uses language that is understood by all of your target audiences, not just one, as explained in this blog post.
  • Post implementation of any revisions or additions to website content and tags, submitting your site to Google for reindexing/recrawling via Google Search Console (if your organization doesn’t have a Google Search Console Account set up, we will set one up for you; we can also set up a Google Analytics Account for you and link it to your Google Search Console Account).
  • Documenting where you rank for key search terms before website revisions are made (and, therefore, before revised your site is submitted to Google for crawling and indexing), and completing the same audit 3, 6, and 9 months, post revisions and reindexing, to determine if and how the SEO needle has moved for your organization and what steps should be taken next on the SEO front.

Image of What Google My Business Profile Looks Like

To schedule a no-obligation, complimentary discussion of your organization’s SEO opportunities and challenges, and how to get found on Google, or to receive a listing of our SEO services and associated pricing, e-mail us today at gail.moraski@allintheresults.com or, complete the form at the bottom of this page to set up a no-obligation, complimentary SEO discussion.