Online Advertising

Our small, but experienced digital marketing agency is particularly passionate about implementing and optimizing online advertising campaigns to improve SEO (where your organization appears in search engine results for relevant search terms) and drive other client-desired results. To stay abreast of constant changes in the digital marketing realm related to online advertising success, at Results…

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Integrated Marketing and Strategic Plans

Our Principal has extensive experience, from both corporate marketing and consulting roles, related to developing, executing, monitoring, optimizing, and providing detailed analytics performance reports for integrated, strategic marketing plans. Our Strategic Marketing Plan Services include: Development of Short-Term and Multi-Year Integrated Marketing and Strategic Plans to Support Your Brand’s/Organization’s Objectives: Awareness Sales or other conversion/acquisition…

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Graphic Design Services

Through its collaborative relationships with inKind Design, and Viv Web Solutions, Results Communications and Research has access to very seasoned, innovative, and creative graphic designers to assist you with any of your branding and other design needs. As you will learn from reviewing their bios and portfolios, all have extensive experience helping clients establish a unique identity that…

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Creative Theme and Brand Development and Execution in Advertising

Brand or Program/Product Name and Logo Development; Messaging and Design/Visual for Marketing Campaigns; and Design and Placement of Advertising in Both Traditional and Online Media EXAMPLES OF RELEVANT WORK FROM CORPORATE OR CONSULTING ROLES*:: Brand/name creation:  Oversaw process of arriving at both name and associated branding to be used in non-MA markets for health insurer.…

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Research: Primary and Secondary (Including Online Surveys)

Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities — internal, competitor, industry; Primary Research — web, e-mail, mail, or phone survey tool development and results analysis; and Secondary Research — review of existing research and public information to support lead generation, analyze competitor behavior, determine industry trends, and other research   ONLINE SURVEY SPECIAL:  FOR $300 or LESS…

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Public Relations/Good Will Creation/Events

Proactive and Reactive Public Relations — including responding to press inquiries, composing and distributing press releases, pitching stories to press contacts; Community Good Will Strategy Development and Execution; and Event Planning and Execution — includes preparing for community events, trade shows, and client seminars and meetings EXAMPLES OF RELEVANT WORK FROM CORPORATE OR CONSULTING ROLES*:…

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Internal Communications

Employee communications — development of internal communication plans and actual communication activities on behalf of Human Resources, senior leadership or other internal teams; Employee events — execution of recognition and reward events, sales/training conferences, all staff meetings/ town hall discussions; and Employee Education Regarding Marketing and Sales Activities — such as new program/product introductions, marketing…

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Employee and Customer/Member Wellness Programs

Design and Execution of Survey Tool to Assess Employee or Member/Customer Interest in Wellness Programs — including results analysis; Wellness Plan Development and Execution — including healthy snacks and meals, nutrition seminars, walking programs, health-related contests, printed an online wellness information/flyers, other activities; and Establishment of and Facilitation of Internal Wellness Committee and Charter Multiple…

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Reputation Management

Online reviews and ratings can make or break your organization. We offer the following one-time or ongoing reputation management services to make sure your online reviews and ratings presence is optimized. Through online research, create an inventory of all the various sites on which your organization has been reviewed/rated (such as Facebook, Google My Business,…

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Sales Channel, Marketing Function and Budget Establishment

Establishment or Restructure of  Marketing Department or Function — provide direction/recommendations and manpower; Annual Marketing Budget Development — make recommendations for/create detailed annual marketing budget; Launch New/Third Party Sales Channel – provide operational and administrative support and direction Serve As Outsourced Marketing Services/Function – provide all the functions and services of a marketing department off-site — saving…

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