Regardless of the products or services you offer, your industry, or your profit status, we can help ensure that your organization builds awareness, creates goodwill and new relationships, and causes desired target-audience actions to be taken via a strong, effective social media presence. We offer the following social media services:

  • Recommending which social media platforms/networks make most sense for you, based on your organization’s mission, industry, and nature.
  • Establishment of Presence/Profile/Page on Various Forms of Social Media, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Development of a Strategic Social Media Plan or a specific Social Media Campaign
    • Who to follow/like
    • Hashtag use
    • Nature of tweets/retweets (Twitter) and/or other social media network/platform posts and sharing of others’ posts
  • Serving as Your Social Media Voice, including Social Media Content Development and Posting
  • Blog Writing on your organization’s behalf so you have lots of great reasons to link to your Web Site and drive traffic to it via your social media posts; blog writing also supports SEO (search engine optimization)/being found on Google and such services are included in our ongoing SEO service package.
  • Editorial/Content Calendar development related to blog writing and/or social media presence
  • Use of Hootsuite to pre-schedule a series of posts for your organization related to various campaigns or initiatives.

This image is a screen shot from our Boston SEO Company's Instagram page. It shows six different images associated with various posts on our Instagram profile -- three on two rows, or six in total. It is being shown related to how an organization can benefit from having an Instagram social media presence.

Learn Why It Might Make Sense for Your Organization To Outsource Your Social Media Presence

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Twitter Launch and Official Brand Tweeter:  Obtained senior leadership buy-in to launch health insurer’s initial social media presence on Twitter; served as official “tweeter” for brand by creating and publishing posts about health and wellness as well as about how to apply for state-sponsored health coverage programs and included links in posts to Web site information to drive traffic to insurer Web site. Encouraged both an employee benefits broker and a non-profit organization to establish Twitter presences and currently serve as their social media voice on Twitter.

YouTube and Facebook:   Involved in the establishment of YouTube and Facebook accounts/profiles for health insurer, and of course,  our own Facebook page at

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*Note:  These examples represent only a small portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communications and Research staff have been involved.


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