Highland Investigations and Rick Nagle Detective Group – We helped these MA Private Investigations agencies to launch their initial online presence by creating and launching an informational web site in a very cost-effective and prompt fashion.

The Kerry Fund – We made recommendations on how to improve the User Experience (UX) for this WordPress Web site and currently serve as Webmaster — regularly making revisions and additions to make the site as “rich” as possible.


Beach Street School – This organization’s WordPress Web site was hacked/compromised and completely lost. With no model to build on/no frame of reference, we launched a brand new site in Weebly over a short time frame to meet their marketing and communications objectives.

beach street school

Platinum Exteriors — This organization launched in spring 2019 and needed a website up very quickly so that they would be able to capitalize on the demand for roofing services in spring and summer. We introduced this client to one of our website development & design expert connections, ivirtualsolutions, helped to project manage the website launch, participated in phone and e-mail discussions, and wrote the website content and page title tags to support SEO and keyword research and planning needs.


Results Communications and Research was engaged by Signature Healthcare and Swedenborgian Church to project manage an extensive, detailed RFP process to select the two vendors who launched the following sites — Silvertech and dquinn.net, respectively.

signature healthcare website designed by vendor selected thru rfp process.png


swedenborgian website designed by vendor selected thru rfp process.png