Digital Marketing & Digital Analytics Training

Our team can be engaged to train one or several members of your marketing team on a variety of digital marketing and digital analytics topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Google Analytics training
  • Google Ads training
  • Google Nonprofit Ad Grant training
  • Social media voice, presence, strategy training
  • SEO training (search engine optimization/being found on Google training)
  • Google Search Console training
  • Google My Business training

Marketing & Communications Speaker/Presentations

Topics that our team* can address via an online workshop/webinar or virtual seminar (and depending on the circumstances, we may do a small on-site/in-person presentation/speaking engagement)

  • Social Media Voice/Strategy
    • How To Decide Which Social Media Platforms Make Sense For You/Your Organization
    • How To Grow Your Social Media Following
    • General Social Do’s and Don’ts
    • Tracking Marketing Activity Results To Determine Where To Put Your Time & $$ Going Forward
  • Google Analytics
    • Top Website KPIs/Metrics To Review Monthly and Why — To Inform Both Your Website As Well As Overall Marketing Strategy
      • This topic was presented in 2020 to clients of an agency we did sub-contracted work for
  • Keyword Research: How It Supports SEO (Search Engine Optimization) As Well As Overall Marketing Strategy
    • Benefits of conducting keyword research to support SEO/being found on Google
    • How to conduct keyword research
    • Applying keyword/search term research to SEO tactics
    • Why keyword research informs so much more than SEO; therefore, supports overall marketing strategy
      • All of the above information and topic was presented in 2020 via a Southeastern SCORE workshop as well as via a Boston Joomla Users Group
  • The ABCs of SEO
    • Basic SEO Definitions and Terms
    • Understanding The Difference Between SEO and SEM – search engine optimization vs. search engine marketing and when and how to employ both tactics
      • All of the above information and topic was presented to the Cape Cod Canal Chamber in 2021
  • SEO Basics (This topic has some overlap with the above)
    • What Is SEO and Why Is It Important to Sales, Marketing, and Awareness Creation?
    • Two Forms of SEO Tactics – Paid and Technical/Organic: Differences and Examples
    • Role of Keyword Research and Keyword Planning Tools To Inform 2 Key Technical SEO Tactics:
      • Website Page Content Peppered With Appropriate High-Volume Keywords
      • Page Title Tags That Include High-Volume Keywords
    • Why Conduct an SEO Audit/Create Baseline Document Post Site Tag & Content Revisions
    • How Google My Business Profile/Presence Impacts SEO Ranking
    • Why You Need to Have a Google Search Console Account
      • Submit Request for Google to Reindex/Recrawl Site Post Revision-Making
      • Research and Understand For What “Search Terms” A Listing With a Link to Your Site Is Most Frequently Presented to Searchers and To What Site Pages Link is Shared
    • How Social Media and Blog Posts Impact Search Engine Results Rankings
      • This above agenda was planned for a workshop for a MA Chamber, but was never given, due to Chamber deciding not to move forward with holding member workshops
  • How To Issue An RFP/Select A Vendor To Launch Or Revise Your Website
    • Why Issue A Website RFP?
    • What To Include In A New Website or Website Revamp RFP
    • How To Decide To Whom To Send RFP
    • When And Why To Be Content Management System (CMS) Agnostic
      • Some or all of this information was presented at a webinar given for NESHCo.
  • How To Ensure Your Website Is Your Workhorse
    • Why your website needs to both reflect your organization and resonate with your audiences and how to ensure it does so
    • Why your website needs to provide for an exceptional user experience (UX) and how to ensure it supports that
    • What actions do you most want visitors to take on your site, i.e., what will success look like as pertains to prospective and existing customer behavior and what do you need in place to support that?
    • Why it’s important to ensure your site is “optimized for search” at launch and what are some key tactics to put in place to support being found on Google
      • All of the above was presented as part of a panel-of-experts discussion we coordinated and participated in for SCORE Boston June 2022 and December 2022 workshops; also presented August 2023 to Pioneer Valley MA Chapter of
  • Growing Your Nonprofit With A Google Nonprofit Ad Grant
    • How to Apply For A Google Nonprofit Ad Grant
    • Google Ads Basics and Requirements
      • All of the above information and topic was presented at a SCORE Boston webinar in Feb. 2022
    • Online Presence
    • E-blast or E-Newsletter Marketing
    • Organic SEO
    • Online Advertising (Paid Search/Paid SEO, Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Video Advertising)
    • Google Analytics Website Visitor Tracking and Google Search Console Use
    • Quarterly or More Frequent Reviews of Google Analytics and Google Search Console Data
      • All of the above information and topic was presented to a Biotech client’s employees

Note that, as noted at the top of this page, we regularly train and facilitate informal or more formal, including customized, training for our clients on a variety of marketing & communications and marketing analytics topics, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and social media. We consider ourselves to be “data geeks” and love teaching others about how to employ marketing analytics/digital analytics to inform marketing strategy.

*As needed and appropriate, we ask other marketing agency owners and consultants to help co-facilitate a training.

To discuss an employee training or a target-audience speaking/presentation opportunity (such as to a trade association, Chamber, SCORE, library or other membership/constituency group) with us, please call us at 781-267-6687, e-mail us at, or use our calendar app to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation discussion with our Boston digital marketing agency/SEO company.

Thank you for considering us for your training and audience education needs!