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Established in 2014, Results Communications and Research is a Boston-headquartered marketing consulting firm, digital marketing agency (advertising agency), SEO company, and market research supplier that serves all sizes of clients — both for-profits and non-profits —  in numerous industries and with a variety of missions. We serve clients located throughout Massachusetts, New England, the U.S., and even international clients! We make the time and are quick to learn the challenges of new industries, but we are particularly experienced in the healthcare, education, financial services, consumer goods (food), e-commerce, and nonprofit industries.

This is a dark powder blue square image that reads in bold black letters "We're A Boston Digital Marketing Agency, SEO Company, Marketing Consultant and PR Firm All in One!" The image contains on the bottom left hand side a picture of a diverse team working in an office environment, and on the left-hand side the logo for our Boston SEO Company, Results Communications and Research.

While, based on current marketing trends and needs, we primarily serve as a digital marketing agency and strategic adviser to our clients regarding online marketing activities (SEO, social media & blog voice, website presence, and, online advertising), we also offer traditional marketing services (direct mail; print, transit, and broadcast advertising; Public Relations). And, we’ll recommend traditional activities be included along with, or in lieu of digital marketing activities, when we believe the former activities will serve a client well or best.

While located in Braintree, Massachusetts on Boston’s South Shore, because most of our work can be completed remotely, we serve both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients throughout Greater Boston, New England, and beyond. Our small size means our Digital Marketing Agency’s Principal, Gail Snow Moraski, will be directly involved with your account, providing the experience and attention ALL clients deserve. Learn more about our passionate and expert digital marketing and SEO experts team.

Both Nimble and Scalable


Our small size also makes it easy for us to change course, schedules, etc. to meet new/unexpected requirements of our clients. However, our many years of experience and numerous strong connections in the profit and non-profit world mean that we can quickly engage the highest-quality and most-effective individuals with appropriate experience to assist us with whatever type of marketing, communications, and research work your organization needs. If a project requires additional capacity and/or skill sets that our team does not have, we will not hesitate to involve the right talented group of individuals to ensure your project achieves the best possible results.

Expert Connections

Results Communications maintains strong, collaborative relationships with individuals who are experts in and can offer capacity related to more complex and technical marketing needs, such as: detailed statistical analyses of primary research results; video, radio, and TV advertising production; graphic design; interactive tool creation for Web sites; and mobile phone app development. Learn more about our diverse and talented digital and traditional marketing expert connections.

Economical Expertise

Because our core team is small and most of our client work is completed remotely, our overhead is small, which translates to our being able to offer you very reasonable rates — most likely much lower than you would get from a large marketing agency or consulting firm. But, you’ll still get the creativity, innovation, experience, strong analytical skills, and knowledge of very seasoned and leading-edge marketing individuals. We are so driven to help all businesses succeed — regardless of their life stage or size — that we are open to negotiating rates, particularly with small and start-up companies, and offer a non-profit rate schedule.

The Goals Our Digital Marketing Agency Strives For and How We Achieve Them

Results Communications and Research seeks to maximize awareness, sales, and ultimately revenue, for its clients by employing primary and secondary research to inform decisions related to marketing and communications activities and strategic plans, and then, developing and executing those activities and plans. Check out our Principal’s resume to see recent work we’ve done for our diverse group of clients: resumegailmoraskifeb2019 and our digital marketing agency’s client page

Learn more about our Digital Marketing Agency’s/SEO Company’s Principal, Her Experience and Our History.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about working with our Boston Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company.

Our Digital Marketing Agency’s Philosophy and Mission

You can learn more about our digital marketing firm’s philosophies and mission in this Patriot Ledger “South Shore Entrepreneur” piece featuring us. article and from reviewing our Thumbtack profile referenced below. In support of our mission to give back and help local non-profit organizations, our digital marketing agency recently became an affiliate member of the Massachusetts Non-profit Network. Check out the discounts we offer non-profit organizations.



Contact Our Boston Digital Marketing Agency And Boston SEO Company For A Complimentary Discussion About Your Marketing Challenges And Opportunities

We love a good marketing brainstorm, and welcome chatting with you about your marketing challenges and opportunities at a time that’s convenient for you.

We look forward to helping you utilize the many digital and traditional marketing analytics & research tools and promotional/marketing vehicles available to make informed decisions that will ensure you maximize both your market budget and marketing activity results!

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