Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Clients

Since launching in April 2014, we’ve served clients of all shapes and sizes. We’ve worked with very small organizations, such as one-person consulting firms (solopreneurs), and very large organizations, such as a national food company. And, we’ve helped both business-to-business organizations and business-to-consumer organizations market tangible products and goods and/or intangible services.

Start-ups and New Product & Service Introductions

We’ve also provided a variety of marketing services and strategic support to individuals launching a totally new organization, or simply a new product or service. Through our expert marketing connections, we are able to offer branding services such as logo design, and website design and development. We are skilled at and have much experience launching social media presences/profiles for organizations or products and services, including ones in start-up mode. And, we also can develop and execute integrated marketing plans that include a variety of digital and traditional marketing tactics to support the launch of a new organization, product, or service.

View A List of Past & Current Clients

Download or print a list of the 100+ brands/organizations our Principal has supported in corporate marketing roles or as Principal of our Boston-area/South Shore digital marketing agency/SEO company: GSM – Results Communications & Research – 041123

Diverse Industry and Both For-Profit and Nonprofit Marketing Experience

We welcome and enjoy working with clients of any industry or profit status. We believe marketing skills are very transferable, and there’s great benefit to working with an organization that has marketing and communications experience across many industries.

Learn About Our Industry Specialties

The above, being said, we do have significant experience in certain industries — learn more about our marketing agency’s specialties.

Types of Digital Marketing Client Work

While Results Communications and Research can provide marketing and communications consulting and marketing activity/tactic implementation in more traditional realms such as print, radio, and outdoors advertising or public relations, one of the areas where we continue to expand our expertise is in digital marketing and online presence.

Since most individuals identify providers of and make purchases of various products and services through online searches, the Results team is continuously educating itself about online marketing and presence opportunities to capitalize on this no-longer-new marketing and communications activity.

Outsourced Marketing Team

We currently serve as an outsourced digital marketing team for some clients — providing several of the key services listed below on an ongoing, monthly basis.

One-Time/One-Off Project Work

In other cases, clients engage us for one-off/one-time project work, such as maximizing where listings containing links to their website or social media profiles appear in search engine results (SEO) or analyses of their Google Analytics website visitor data.

Examples of key digital services we offer clients include: 

— using WordPress or other content management systems (CMS) to launch or revise Web pages; for large/complex WordPress site launches we are pleased to be able to offer our clients the exceptional WordPress development services of Daniel Quinn at DQuinn.net. We can also introduce you to or liaise on your behalf with other website developers who develop in other website content management systems (CMS).

conducting keyword research for your organization to determine what search terms your target audiences are using most in your geography to identify an organization who offers the services, products and solutions you do, and then employing a variety of SEO tactics that incorporate the research, to help your website rank better/be found on Google, i.e., therefore improve your organic SEO situation.

developing a social media strategy and serving as a client’s voice on social media.

establishing or enhancing a client’s online presence and social media footprint by launching and maintaining Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles; developing and executing posts.

researching various forms of online advertising, including social media, Google Ads, and Web site banner (direct-purchase) ads, and making recommendations regarding which will best reach a client’s target and maximize the results they receive related to awareness or conversion objectives, such as sales, e-mail or subscription sign-up, or some other acquisition-related activity.

launching and optimizing online search advertising and display advertising campaigns, so that your marketing budget is maximized.

analyzing and reporting on social media and online advertising results.

setting up a Google Analytics account to track website visitor activity & behavior.

conducting analyses of your Google Analytics website visitor data to identify any opportunities and challenges, and providing recommendations for short-term and longer-term site revisions to address the aforementioned.

creating, updating, and then, meeting monthly with your team to review Google sheets that track various marketing KPIs that are relevant to your organization — particularly KPIs related to conversions (calls, inquiries, e-mail sign-up, etc.), and those that provide insight on your organization’s “website health.”

In addition, Results Communications is growing its expertise in and working now with nonprofit clients and prospective nonprofit clients in the area of non-profit development and non-profit fundraising.  We welcome the chance to work with development clients to maximize use of digital and more traditional marketing and communications activities to enhance fundraising success.

Traditional Marketing and Communications Client Work

Examples of more traditional, non-digital client work for which we’ve been engaged includes writing of health-related/wellness content for a handbook geared toward a teen audience, and launching a national Public Relations campaign for a consumer goods company. We’ve pitched stories to media and reporters for a number of clients and have some great success obtaining coverage, including, as you’ll see from visiting our PR Portfolio website page, getting our furniture client, Bostonwood Furniture, featured on WCVB ABC Affiliate Channel 5’s “Made in Mass.” 

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