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Why I Always Walk On New Year’s Day

Note: This post was originally posted in January of 2023, but the update below pertains to January of 2024.

The Best Laid Plans

Well, as I mentioned in my original post about why I always walk on New Year’s Day, I made a plan to, and did enjoy a long walk on New Year’s Day of 2024. My husband and I had a great day visiting Powers Farm in Randolph. Such a beautiful place. Nice walking trails — some in the woods, some out-in-the-open, ducks, geese, large pond, plus playground, so what’s not to love about that and starting off your new year at some a nice property? And, it also made it extra special that so many other people were enjoying the beautiful estate, fresh air, and sunshine, and we were greeted by so many with “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I had packed a snack for us of some yummy roasted red pepper hummus from a new favorite Lebanese restaurant of mine, Casba, in Quincy, and some gluten-free crackers, so we ended our time at the farm by sitting on a bench in the sun — as the sun started setting — by having a snack picnic. It felt like the perfect ending to a perfect New Year’s Day.

As the owner of a small digital marketing agency and SEO company, I’ve take very little time off annually. Most of the work completed by my agency is completed by yours truly. But, after a year that was particularly heavy and fast-paced on the work front (which prevented me from taking planned time-off during the summer), I felt I owed it to both myself and my clients to take some time off during the holidays. Often, I work a fair amount during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, so that I can hit the ground running in 2024. But this year, I decided to do things differently. I was always jealous of other marketing consultants and work connections who started off the new year refreshed, and thought, “why can’t I, and shouldn’t I, be one of those “refreshed” individuals this year? I didn’t let anyone book me for a meeting during the week between Christmas and New Year’s and I only worked the equivalent of about 1.25 or 1.5 days between when I wrapped up work on December 22 and returned to my office on January 2. And, the main reason for working at all during that timeframe was because of time-sensitive online advertising campaigns that needed my oversight.

Ultimately, by only working one full day on the day after Christmas, and not putting in any weekend time as I usually do, after December 22 and before January 2, I was able to take about 7.5 days off from working, which is pretty much unheard of for me as a business owner.

So, the above is all the good news, actually great news!

The bad news is that I unexpectedly began experiencing the symptoms of norovirus the evening of New Year’s Day, after we returned home from the farm. And, hence, why I used the heading above, “The Best Laid Plans.” I had done everything I could to position myself for a new year — did my annual new year’s walk, started a new stretching program, took all those extra days off to give my busy mind a rest, spent a lot of fun, quality time with friends and family during my time off (see picture of fun day in Boston at Snowport in Boston’s Seaport District below), but life can certainly throw you a curveball. Rather than hitting my office computer refreshed and rearing to go on January 2, as I had planned, I barely had the energy that day to cancel or reschedule a couple of meetings and to respond to a couple of time-sensitive issues and/or e-mails, after being up all night with stomach sickness.

It took me several days to bounce back from fever and belly woes, but as I type this, I feel back to my old self. And, you know what? I still believe taking time for me/to take care of myself this winter was a fabulous idea and the right decision even if I didn’t accomplish all I hoped to on the work front the first week of the new year. Despite being a little worn out physically, I feel very energized and excited about the new year — on both the personal and work fronts! And, I’m glad I’m going to bring that energy to all my client engagements and deliverables!

Gail Snow Moraski, Audrey Snow Barresi (Gail's twin sister), Jay Moraski (Gail's husband) and Nick Snow (Gail's niece) standing in Fan Pier area Boston MA with Rowe's Wharf and the Boston Harbor Hotel and Boston Harbor in background.

Stay Strong So You Can Bounce Back More Easily

I guess the point of sharing all of the above is this. Whether it’s related to your personal health or your business health, we all should always do all we can to prep and position ourselves for success, because as we discussed in this recent blog post about planning for Google SGE, there are times when we will be forced to change course and pivot unexpectedly, and we’ll be glad we went into that need to pivot from the strongest possible place.

Original Post From 2023:

Since the month of January is always busy at our Boston digital marketing agency and Boston SEO company (clients and prospective clients often want to kick off new initiatives and tactics with the new year; plus everyone’s re-energized after some time off), and since many are still in holiday mode today (many employers marked this as a holiday since New Year’s Day 2023 fell on a Sunday this year), I’m taking advantage of the slightly quieter day to post another in a series of posts about walking.

At least for the last 20 years or so, I’ve always kicked off the new year with a new year’s day walk or hike. My thinking has always been that it will bring good health luck/karma to the new year if I start the new year off with a walk. When I look back at my New Year’s Day walks/hikes, I have fond memories of a variety of family members and friends joining me, and of the different locations where we’ve walked. A number of New Year’s Day walks have taken place at Pond Meadow Park, which straddles the towns/cities of Braintree and Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Yesterday, a long-time friend of mine, as well as my husband, Jay, joined me for a walk at two locations — around the Quincy Quarries Reservation (despite currently living on the South Shore, and having lived here when I was in my 20’s, I don’t believe I ever visited the Quarries) and on the main road (Riccuiti Drive) leading from the Reservation up to Granite Links Golf Club. I so enjoyed seeing all the brightly spray-painted rocks at the Quarries, but just as much, all the groups of individuals enjoying visiting them. And, the motivation to complete the 3-mile round-trip trek to and from Granite Links (which requires a lot of what I call “hill work” in one direction) was the fabulous view of beautiful Boston that awaited.

This image shows a number of very large jagged rocks -- ones big enough for people to climb painted with a variety of graffiti in a variety of bright spray paint colors. It is shown to support our Boston Digital Marketing Agency's blog post about why we walk on new year's day and one of the places we visited, Quincy Quarries Reservation, of which it is an image.
Source: Image Of Quincy Quarries From Stacy Botzos, Fotospot

While we were out, we also drove and stopped to visit a Massachusetts landmark my husband had been wanting to check out for a while, Granite Railway — one of the first railroads built and operated in the U.S., but also an inclined one.

Since I had already gone for a short walk in my own Braintree neighborhood (Braintree Highlands/South Braintree) prior to our Quincy walking, I was thrilled that New Year’s Day 2023 had been a two-walk day! If that doesn’t manifest good health for the new year, I’ll definitely be disappointed!

How Will You Kick Off Your New Year To Support Your Dreams For 2023?

We’d love to hear how you plan to kick off your new year to support your dreams and goals for 2023, so please do share. And, please reach out if we can help you in any way to achieve those dreams! And, if you’re looking for some 2023 marketing inspiration, check out these evergreen posts about planning for a new year.

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We wish all our readers a very happy, healthy, and adventurous 2023!

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