What The Coronavirus Can’t Do or Take From Us

A blog post by Gail Snow Moraski and the Rest of Our Beautiful World

Starting a list and welcome contributions to it about what the coronavirus can’t do or take from us. I’ve got lots of thoughts on this, but only listing four that come immediately to mind to allow for others to weigh in. So, please do so!

The “big C” — in current times, this reference is to Coronavirus/COVID-19, but like the usual term it references, “cancer” — can’t do, take from us, or keep us from:

  • Spring from springing
  • Babies from arriving
  • Laughing with a neighbor (from a six-foot distance, of course!)
  • Singing our favorite song

Please add to the list by commenting below or e-mailing me at gail.moraski@allintheresults.com. Let’s take the power away from this virus and show it who’s boss!

2 thoughts on “What The Coronavirus Can’t Do or Take From Us

  1. Audrey Barresi

    The coronavirus can’t stop:

    Blossoms from blossoming
    Kids from growing
    Music from cheering us
    Friends from helping us
    Fresh air from healing us
    Exercise from strengthening us
    Faith from guiding us

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