Our Principal has extensive experience, from both corporate marketing and consulting roles, related to developing, executing, monitoring, optimizing, and providing detailed analytics performance reports for integrated, strategic marketing plans.

Our Strategic Marketing Plan Development and Execution Services Include:

  • Development of Short-Term and Multi-Year Integrated Marketing and Strategic Plans to Support Your Brand’s/Organization’s Objectives:
    • Awareness
    • Sales or other conversion/acquisition activities, e.g., prospective client or client subscriptions to e-newsletter or inquiry submissions
    • Customer retention and cross-selling of services to existing client
  • Execution of Client-Approved Marketing Plan Tactics 
  • Monitoring and Optimization of Executed Marketing Tactics, such as oversight of paid search/pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  • Regular Reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Various Marketing Tactics and Vehicles, such as impressions and ad click-thrus to website




Integrated Marketing Plan Development and Execution to Effect Sales Growth:  Working collaboratively with the individual responsible for Retail Banking/Branch Oversight at community bank, determined which products and services to promote in monthly or multi-month integrated marketing campaign, documented tactics to be used and their timing in campaign marketing plan, developed “copy”/messaging for campaign, and worked with graphic artist to implement messaging using appropriate visual/graphic design to be used consistently across all tactics of advertising campaign.  Examples of tactics include:  lobby merchandising (counter cards and lobby posters), ATM screen messaging, lobby visual displays, print advertising, MBTA/transit advertising, billboards and branch building banners, cross-selling by customer service representatives and tellers; statement stuffers, and public relations.

Integrated Brand Awareness Campaign Execution:  Working collaboratively with internal marketing and communications team members, as well as external creative agency, launched integrated marketing campaign for brand to create awareness of brand in both new and existing markets.

Annual Marketing Plan Development to Support Annual Budget Request:  Developed of an annual marketing plan for a health insurer that included programs to be launched or grown, expected marketing and community outreach tactics to be used related to program launches or growth, anticipated competitor-related challenges, anticipated opportunities, and implications of changes in industry stemming from introduction of health reform (Affordable Care Act 2014).

Multi-year Strategic Planning:   Developed of a multi-year strategic operating plan related to marketing and community outreach for a health insurer that included an analysis of the current state of the organization, environmental assessment,  expected upcoming challenges and opportunities,  and marketing and outreach tactics expected to be employed, and the costs associated with them.

*Note:  These examples represent only a portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communictions and Research staff have been involved.

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