Know How Your Site Ranks In Your Geographies For High-Volume Search Terms (Keywords)

Our new SEO audit service includes:

— An initial kick-off meeting with you to arrive at the high-volume search terms (keywords) you most want your site to rank well for in Google search results.

— Adding your website to our new SEO audit and ranking tool and reporting system so that at any given moment, we can quickly and easily give you an update on how your site is faring from a rankings standpoint.

— Sharing quarterly reports with you via e-mail about how your website is ranking and meeting with you via Zoom to talk about implications of results, i.e., what could or should be next as far as implementing additional SEO tactics goes.


Note that any client already engaged with us for ongoing SEO services will receive this service as part of our agreement. Therefore, there is no fee to clients for whom we are already providing monthly SEO support.

Existing or prospective clients for whom we don’t provide ongoing SEO services may register for the aforementioned service for a pre-paid (paid in advance) $350 quarterly fee.

Want to sign-up or learn more about our SEO audit/SEO ranking services? Use our calendar app to schedule a complimentary time to chat, e-mail us at, or complete our inquiry/contact form.