Marketing Research/Market Research Services

Our founder began her market research career working at a national market research supplier. Our team can help you related to the following market research/marketing research needs:

  • Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities — internal, competitor, industry;
  • Primary Research — web, e-mail, mail, or phone survey tool development and results analysis; and
  • Secondary Research — review of existing research and public information to support lead generation, analyze competitor behavior, determine industry trends, and other research  

ONLINE SURVEY SPECIAL:  FOR $750 or LESS  (depending on level of customization and complexity needed) , we can create and provide you with a link to an online survey for you to post on your web site or send in an e-mail to gather customer and/or web site visitor feedback.

 Survey Examples:  

Nonprofit Impact Survey to Support Grant Applications/Funding

Customer Feedback Survey

How Or Why You Visited Our Web site

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– Primary Market/Marketing Research:  Oversaw New England phone survey tracking study for large grocery store chain when employed by a national market research supplier.  Wrote analysis of survey results for large health and beauty consumer goods company.  Created numerous online survey tools to be used to gather information from various Web site audiences for a health insurer, including members, prospective members, and healthcare providers. Participated in the development and execution of a yearly survey of new health insurer members to inform future marketing activities.

Secondary Research:  Identified and employed a variety of databases and other information sources to generate leads for non-U.S. companies who wished to conduct business in the U.S.  Continue to use such resources and investigatory skill sets to generate leads for other organizations, as well as for our own organization.

Competitor/Environmental Assessments:  As part of many past marketing roles, regularly visited competitor Web sites, or those of other organizations believed to have exceptional sites, to keep appraised of competitor online capabilities and other marketing activities, as well as best practices related to online presence and Web tools and functionality.

*Note:  These examples represent only a portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communications and Research staff have been involved.

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