Are Negative Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Or Other Online Reviews Keeping Individuals and Organizations From Hiring You Or Buying Your Products?

Online reviews and ratings can make or break your organization. We offer the following one-time or ongoing reputation management services to make sure your online reviews and ratings presence is optimized.

  • Through online research, create an inventory of all the various sites on which your organization has been reviewed/rated (such as Facebook, Google My Business, Glassdoor) by clients, employees, or others, and document the overall nature of feedback by rating/review vehicle
  • Determine which of the above review/rating vehicles your organization can have an impact/improve its reputation on — either by soliciting favorable reviews from appropriate parties and/or responding to/acknowledging unfavorable comments
  • Create and distribute several different communications with links to review vehicles to solicit positive reviews/ratings from appropriate target audiences
    • Organizations who take an active approach to managing their online reputation often use “QR Codes” on online and printed materials that happy customers can use to quickly and easily leave a positive review, such as a Google review. We can help you set that up, but keep in mind that such a set-up can also make it far easier for someone to leave a negative review.
  • Create and execute posts/messaging to respond to existing negative or positive reviews by others
  • Serve as your ongoing voice/respond to any reviews that are posted on rating/review vehicles

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