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In addition to offering the services listed in the “Other PR/Media/Publicity” section below, beginning in December 2019, we are introducing the following very beneficial PR service:


Our firm now subscribes to a service that, on a daily basis, sends us inquiries from reporters representing various media (magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, and other vehicles) on topics for which we request to receive alerts and for which we believe we can provide a subject matter expert (SME).

The service we offer related to the above includes:

  • initial and ongoing insight and guidance on how to best respond to leads in order to secure a quote or interview
  • text and e-mail notification when a reporter is looking to interview (via phone or e-mail) an organization or individual with your particular expertise
  • text and email notification when a reporter is looking for a quote related to your particular area of expertise
  • immediate or very prompt review of each and every lead that is sent to us for appropriateness of response by one or several clients, so that opportunity is not lost

Where you come in:

Clients who sign up for this service must:

  • prior to service start, review a list of possible topics for which they might receive a reporter/media lead and indicate those topics for which they would like leads to be forwarded by us
  • respond directly to the reporter themselves, using instructions that our firm will provide when you sign up for this service
  • make every attempt to respond promptly to appropriate leads in order to make the service be an effective one for them — reporter leads go fast
  • be willing to provide a cell phone number to which we can send a text to alert you to check your e-mail for a PR opportunity

How you’ll benefit:

You’ll have the opportunity to be quoted and demonstrate your subject matter expertise to a diverse group of readers for a diverse set of media vehicles that could and should lead to:

  • online articles and coverage that mention you and your organization that you can link to from your own website, blog, social media, etc.
  • individuals reaching out to your organization to inquire about partnerships, to purchase your products, to engage you for your services, or to interview you for their own media, among other opportunities

Check out the media coverage we’ve obtained ourselves by capitalizing on this service for our own business.

Sign up for a six-month trial:

$150.00 fee includes six months of reporter/media lead service program participation*, regardless of the number of leads we send your way.

* Results Communications & Research can’t guarantee you’ll receive a certain number of leads from us during a six-month trial period or that you’ll actually have the opportunity to be quoted or interviewed a certain # of times, as we have no control over either; however, a six-month trial will allow you to get a sense of the volume of opportunities available for an individual or organization with your expertise, and whether it makes economic sense to participate in a reporter/media leads service like ours. In addition, Results Communications & Research cannot be held accountable for any information omissions, misquotes, or other misrepresentations of your organization or of you in various coverage, mentions, pieces, etc. that the reporter provides and affords you and your organization.



  • Proactive and Reactive Public Relations — including responding to press inquiries, composing and distributing press releases, pitching stories to press contacts;
  • Community Good Will Strategy Development and Execution; and
  • Event Planning and Execution — includes preparing for community events, trade shows, and client seminars and meetings


–  Response to Media/Reporter Requests for Information or Interviews:   Drafted written responses to reporters seeking information on a variety of topics regarding health insurer (employer).  Provided senior leadership with training related to speaking with the press, in general, and helped prepare senior leadership for specific interview.

Drafting and Distribution of Press Releases:  For health insurers as well as community banks, drafted press releases about hiring and promotions of leadership, community event participation, and other key organizational initiatives.  For accounting firm offering unique software program, developed press release and distributed nationally to appropriate press contacts.

Pitching Publicity Opportunity to Reporters:  Pitched or worked with outside P.R. agency to seek reporter interest in covering a story or interviewing a senior leader on a particular topic, such as community event participation, or a key industry development.

Win-win Client Seminars:  Proposed and implemented for health insurer a series of seminars known as “Broker University” that provided insurance brokers representing the insurer’s products to get continuing education credits while also learning more about the insurer itself and getting beneficial updates on existing and new programs.

Community Event Preparation and Participation:   Oversaw participation by health insurer in very large trade show and health fair events.  Helped plan for and participated in numerous community events on behalf of community bank.

Our Principal served as the volunteer Marketing Lead for the Braintree-Milton-Randolph Relay For Life Leadership Committee for the 2015 and 2016 Walk events.  The Relay For Life creates important funds to support the invaluable work of the American Cancer Society.  See examples of our PR work for Relay For Life and other subjects.

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