Through its collaborative relationships with inKind Design, and Viv Web Solutions, Results Communications and Research has access to very seasoned, innovative, and creative graphic designers to assist you with any of your branding and other design needs. As you will learn from reviewing their bios and portfolios, all have extensive experience helping clients establish a unique identity that conveys their brand promise and with helping clients achieve their marketing and communications objectives.

We can connect you with one or all of the above designers if you prefer to work with them directly on any of the branding and design needs outlined below. Or, we can work with them on your behalf to achieve the exceptional outcomes you deserve.

Branding and Other Design Services

  • Layout, design, artwork for print or online advertising, collateral/brochures, and direct mail, or for other marketing materials requiring design
  • Brand development for new organizations or new products and services, including:
    • branding elements such as colors, fonts, and overall “look and feel” that customers and prospective customers will automatically associate with your organization, product, or service
    • logo development
  • “Refresh” of existing organizational, product, or service branding for a variety of reasons, including modernization

E-mail us at for a complimentary discussion of your design and branding needs.



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