Through its collaborative relationship with Joyce Rooklin Design, Results Communications and Research has access to a very seasoned and creative graphic designer to assist you with any of your branding and other design needs.

We can connect you with Joyce — if you prefer to work with her directly on advertising, collateral, and branding needs requiring graphic design/creative expertise — or work with her on your behalf to achieve the exceptional outcomes you deserve.  As you will learn from reviewing Joyce’s bio and portfolio, Joyce has worked on corporate marketing teams and met internal client needs, as well as served as a consultant to a variety of organizations regarding their creative/design needs.  She brings valuable diverse experience from her contract and permanent employment in both the profit and non-profit worlds.

Whether you need help with enhancing an existing brand/logo or artwork, implementing the aforementioned in a new marketing activity or piece, or you need to start a brand from scratch and need a logo and creative/graphic identity established, you can work directly with Joyce or work with her through Results Communications and Research to meet your objectives and achieve the best possible outcomes.

View Joyce’s portfolio

View Joyce’s bio:  Rooklin Joyce_Innovative Graphic Designer

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