Help Applying For A Google Nonprofit Ad Grant

For many years, our SEO Services company has been helping new and existing clients, who qualify for a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant, apply for and obtain such Grants. We are very passionate about the aforementioned work, because, hey, the Grant provides generous, free Google search advertising, and the work is very much in keeping with one of our specialties, SEO. Plus, as an affiliate member of the MA Nonprofit Network, we love giving back by helping nonprofits increase awareness and engagement.

Help Managing Your Google Nonprofit Ad Grant

Whether we helped you apply for and obtain a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant, or your organization has already secured such a Grant, we can help you manage it and make sure that you use the Grant to its fullest potential, i.e., maximize it! We’ve been setting up Google Ads accounts, campaigns, and ad groups for both nonprofit and for-profit clients for approximately 9 years, and are also familiar with Google Ads from prior corporate roles. We know how to make sure you are using Google Ads properly to cause appropriate search engine (Google) searchers to take desired actions like visiting your website, and once there, contacting you, making a donation, engaging you for services, etc.

Past & Current Nonprofit Clients Whom We’ve Helped To Capitalize On A Google Nonprofit Ad Grant (Google Ad Grants)

Nonprofit organizations who’ve engaged our firm to help them obtain and/or capitalize on a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant include:

Additional Information About Google Nonprofit Ad Grants

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Let’s Have A Complimentary Google Ad Grants Discussion!

When we meet, we’re glad to walk you thru the high-level process of applying for a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant and can share some Google Nonprofit Ad Grant success stories and creative ideas for employing such a Grant. As you’ll see, we recently gave a webinar on this topic for SCORE Boston.

We can also help you determine whether or not you’ll likely obtain a grant, based on our understanding of Google Ad Grants requirements.

Schedule a complimentary Zoom or phone call with our team of Google Nonprofit Ad Grant and SEO experts today! Or, e-mail us at to learn more!