Capitalizing on the web traffic and visitor experience analysis services that Google makes available to website owners via paid and free Google Analytics packages is a no-brainer and best practice. If you own a website and don’t have a Google Analytics account linked to your website, you are missing out on invaluable information, such as, but not limited to:

  • Traffic source: how and why visitors are getting to your website. Are social media posts, online advertising, or links to your site on other sites causing visits? Are individuals entering your site’s URL directly into a browser or finding your site through a search engine search using relevant terms?
  • Length of time spent on site: what’s the average number of seconds, minutes, hours, etc. visitors spend on your site?
  • Bounce rate: what percentage of individuals are leaving a website page without interacting with it?
  • Content viewed: what pages are visitors viewing most? If they view more than one page, how are they/in what order are they getting to those pages? What % of visitors are exiting your site after viewing content on only one page?

Print screen of Acquistion/Traffic Source Data Shown In Google Analytics To Support Our Boston SEO Company's Blog Post About Why All Backlinks Aren't Created Equal - Some Backlinks Are Good, Some Bad

Why Google Analytics Information Is Critical to Effective Website Launch or Revamp

Google Analytics provides rich data to inform the information architecture, navigation, and the wireframes (blueprints) for your new or revamped site. Whether you’re about to launch a new site or significantly revamp an existing one, if you already have Google Analytics in place, you should be using available data to inform new or revised website content, calls-to-actions, links on pages, available functionality (interactive tools), among other web page attributes. Launching a new site or significantly revamping one and don’t have Google Analytics in place? Consider linking Analytics to your current website to allow for a few months of data collection to support effective, wise planning for your new or revamped site.

How You Benefit From Quarterly or More Frequent Reviews of Google Analytics Data

If a large revamp or new site launch isn’t on the horizon, you should still be regularly identifying small, easy tweaks you might make to your current website to improve user experience and your sales and awareness level among your targeted audiences. Google Analytics can provide such information, and you should be reviewing it, at a minimum on a quarterly basis, if not more frequently.

How Our Google Analytics Experts Can Help

Google Analytics is an extremely rich tool that just keeps getting more powerful as far as the insight it can provide on the performance of your various marketing activities and on website visitor activity. To make sure we weren’t missing out on any new useful tools/features on the platform or any beneficial information newly available in Google Analytics, we recently studied and passed a Google Analytics Certification exam (March 2019).

While we’ve always been a huge believer in the power of Google Analytics to wrap your arms around what is really happening on and with your website, and we’ve been using Google Analytics for years to assess website performance and activity for sites for which we’ve been responsible or for client sites, we are now pleased to formally announce and offer our new Google Analytics Annual Package to help you take advantage of all of the rich website performance and user information Google Analytics affords (note that on a one-time/one-off basis, we can help you set up a GA4 Google Analytics property):

Quarterly Analysis and Implications Package:

  • Quarterly, i.e., four times a year/every three months analysis of your Google Analytics information to determine how your site is performing  — areas where you are succeeding as pertains to your marketing and communications objectives and site user/visitor experience and areas for improvement. Not only do we share findings, but we also provide implications and recommendations for immediate and longer-term site revisions.
  • Creation and sharing quarterly of electronic document detailing results and learnings from above analyses.
  • Phone discussion of aforementioned analysis and reports and implications.
  • $1,750* per year (*exceptions apply if site is quite extensive because of large number of products and services offered and/or if client needs analysis of more than one website/web property.)

One-time Analysis and Implications Package:

  • If you are in the process of planning for a new site and want to apply learnings from your current site, or simply want an initial analysis of your existing site, as a starting off point, we can provide the above services as part of a single review — detailed findings, implications, and a phone or in-person meeting to discuss results, for $500 – $750, depending on the size and complexity of your site.

If you already have a Google Analytics account, you will need to provide us with access to your account; if a client does not have a Google Analytics account in place, we will work with you on a non-paid/pro bono basis to launch one when officially engaged for the above Google Analytics Annual Package.

To receive samples of the analyses we provide, or to hold a no-obligation, complimentary discussion with us about our Google Analytics services, e-mail us at or use our calendar app to schedule a discussion time and day that’s convenient for you!