• Establishment or Restructure of  Marketing Department or Function — provide direction/recommendations and manpower;
  • Annual Marketing Budget Development — make recommendations for/create detailed annual marketing budget;
  • Launch New/Third Party Sales Channel – provide operational and administrative support and direction
  • Serve As Outsourced Marketing Services/Function – provide all the functions and services of a marketing department off-site — saving overhead and other employee costs


Establishment of sales channel:   Played critical operational, administrative, research, and marketing role to support successful launch of broker distribution channel by health insurer.

Creation of marketing function:  Applying knowledge from previous marketing and market research roles, helped establish distinct marketing function at community bank and the practice of implementing monthly or multi-month integrated marketing campaigns across various marketing vehicles/media.

Proposed Restructure of marketing team/function:  In leadership role at health insurer, made recommendations for how marketing team should be staffed and structured.  Wrote and obtained approval on and grading of job descriptions for new and revised positions.

*Note:  These examples represent only a portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communictions and Research staff have been involved.

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