• Design and Execution of Survey Tool to Assess Employee or Member/Customer Interest in Wellness Programs — including results analysis;
  • Wellness Plan Development and Execution — including healthy snacks and meals, nutrition seminars, walking programs, health-related contests, printed an online wellness information/flyers, other activities; and
  • Establishment of and Facilitation of Internal Wellness Committee and Charter

Multiple Benefits of Launching an Employee Wellness Program

  • Departmental and inter-departmental team-building, particularly when weight loss or physical activity contests, such as walking contests, involved;
  • Increased employee engagement, and possible improved employee retention rates;
  • Healthier employees which ultimately should/could lead to:

reduced absenteeism
reduced medical expenses
more alert, energetic, high-functioning employees


Employee Wellness Survey – development of online survey tool using “SurveyMonkey” to assess employee health and wellness behaviors and interests.  Analyzed results to inform the work plan for employee wellness activities. – Member/Customer Pedometer Program – recommended and  implemented program to distribute pedometers to members of health insurer to encourage healthy lifestyles, traffic to online wellness center, and potentially reduced member medical expenses. – Awareness and Good Will Creation Through Online, Print, and Advertorial Activities – executed online wellness center for health insurer to be used by prospective and current members that contained healthy tips and tools, such as wellness-related flyers and a BMI calculator, as well as, a regularly-updated list of healthy community activities such as local cause walks and runs.  Wrote copy for flyers available both on insurer web site and distributed by community outreach team, and for newspaper advertorials to drive traffic to insurer web site.   *Note:  These examples represent only a portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communictions and Research staff have been involved.

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