• Brand or Program/Product Name and Logo Development;
  • Messaging and Design/Visual for Marketing Campaigns; and
  • Design and Placement of Advertising in Both Traditional and Online Media


  • Brand/name creation:  Oversaw process of arriving at both name and associated branding to be used in non-MA markets for health insurer.  Participated in numerous program/product name brainstorming sessions at various employers.
  • Creative theme and message development:  Individually or as part of team brainstorm, developed fun and “catchy” theme to be employed in monthly or multi-month program-/service-specific advertising campaigns at community bank.  Wrote “headlines” and “copy” to be employed in various marketing vehicles such as lobby posters, print ads, and statement stuffers to promote various products/programs in an effort to effect sales growth; pieces were integrated, i.e., had same look, feel, and messaging.
  • Online advertising:  Wrote copy for series of paid search/pay-per-click advertising copy and developed list of key terms/words to trigger presentation of advertisement to prospective customer, based on Google search behavior.  Learn more about Results’ digital/online experience and how we can help.
  • Media buying:  Directly purchased media (advertising space) for billboard and movie theater advertising for community bank; purchased print advertising space for health insurer; worked with creative agency/media buyer to obtain a variety of media space, including:  outdoors (billboards), print (English and ethnic newspapers), transit (bus/MBTA); mall; radio, cable T.V. and broadcast T.V.
  • Radio and T.V. advertising scripts:  Helped draft and finalize numerous radio and T.V. scripts to be used in health insurer advertising.  Oversaw T.V. spot finalization and radio sponsorships for community bank.
  • T.V. and radio talent selection:  Helped select voice and acting talent to be used in numerous T.V. and radio commercials for health insurer.

*Note:  These examples represent only a portion of the relevant work in this area with which Results Communictions and Research staff have been involved.

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