Rob Williams – Celtics

This is an an image that contains the upper half of the body on the right hand side of our Boston SEO Company's Principal's favorite Boston Celtics Basketball players, Robert Williams. He is tall dark-skinned man with dark hair and he has a tatooed neck. He is wearing a black long sleeved t-shirt under his sleeveless green uniform top and wearing his green uniform shorts. The image says his name at the top, "Robert Williams" and shares a quote from him, "I Feel Like The Ceiling For Me Is No Ceiling." The bottom right-hand corner of the image contains the Boston Celtics' logo. The image is shown in keeping with our "Keep Up The Fight" page which aims to provide inspiration to anyone struggling physically or emotionally.

Image of Robert Williams, A Boston Celtics Basketball Player, wearing a black shirt under his bright green uniform. The image is a square that says his name on the right and underneath it the quote, “I feel like the ceiling for me is no ceiling.” The image is shown in keeping with our Boston digital marketing agency’s Keep Up The Fight website page that is meant to inspire those who are in struggling and in need of inspiration.

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