Nonprofit 411: Achieving Fundraising Success

I was honored to have the privilege of co-authoring a three-part series with two fellow MA Nonprofit Network affiliate members related to nonprofit fundraising leading and best practices.

Enjoy the series and please reach out if we can help. And, nonprofits, as you finalize marketing and development/fundraising plans and strategies for 2019, don’t forget about the great opportunity that a Google Nonprofit Ad Grant may afford you.

Part I:  https://massnonprofitnet.org/blog/nonprofit-411-special-series-achieving-fundraising-gold-part-laying-groundwork-successful-campaign/

Part II:  https://massnonprofitnet.org/blog/nonprofit-411-achieving-fundraising-gold-part-ii-building-momentum/

Part III:  https://massnonprofitnet.org/blog/nonprofit-411-achieving-fundraising-success-part-iii-concluding-campaign/

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